March 7th, 2006


waste more time

Ah, Planet Earth, latest cross-section of the natural world. Antigrav sharks! Organised dog packs! Snow leopard kittens! You missed it? No bother, it's repeated this Saturday. And, anyway, the BBC has put its spare footage up for download on their creative archive license. Arctic foxes! Badgers! Prehistoric whales!

Can't think what reminded me of googlefight. Still, it's always nice to see how easily George Orwell beats Aspidistra, Derek Jarman put in the corner by tasty fruit, tiny monkey effortlessly destroying rampaging elephant, and pause getting the drop on Pinter.

Mmm, Sheep game. I like split flock.

Margaret Atwood invents a robot pen so she can sign books from anywhere. "The pen can also be used to sign hockeysticks and the project director Matthew Gibson is working on getting it to sign basketballs".

A question: anyone else going to the UK Web and Minicomics Thing? Or fancies going down the pub somewhere nearby?
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