March 16th, 2006


weekly strip found among wild doodles

found among wild doodles - detail

This week's strip was found among wild doodles - I noticed on my desk that my psychic consultant character (Hey! Ask me about my psychic consultant character!) Evidence had turned up a few times, and so had a mysterious stranger with a Byronic profile and large, liquid black eyes. Doodles are typically monochromatic, so it was only after I glued them together that I found that his -- or her -- skin was green. So what's Evidence's interest? And why is she so interested in whether this purple-haired beauty is a bird or a bloke? My guess is she's doing some work for a client who has been having troubling erotic dreams about someone tall and green skinned with large, liquid black eyes. Or she may just be after a date.

For the moment, at any rate, she's not telling.
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life defined by hazard tape

Having had my morning communte disrupted by the Independent Police Complaints Commission -- SS Mary and John is still sealed off -- and the forest of newshounds around the Military Tribunal, I found half the car-park taped off at work, protestors outside OUP, all that jazz. And now Bush has decided that times simply aren't dangerous enough. Well, that made my day ...

I've been following, like everyone else in the UK, the story of Collapse )

Sorry, that was all a bit grim, wasn't it? Have a stupid webshop: Customers who bought this also bought: moldy bread.