March 17th, 2006


still in the middle of things

It feels like it's going to snow again tonight. It was not the day to leave my hat and gloves at home deliberately or otherwise. I shall be cold ... tried a new route through streets on my own last night before realising that SUVs may reasonably feel that the huge fake fur coat was incitement to kerb crawling, although the skinny underdressed girl I passed smiled rather than scowled so not too fraught an area, and anyway, it's all filling in more bits of the (sub)urban map, here be pheasants, here be rats, here be urban foxes ...

Drawing competition! I want to see a laser-enabled antigrav shark! With cyborg wasps! That fly out of its mouth! And attack!

Dundee needs giant naked women! It's true, although it may not get planning permission.

There's frantic conference going on next door among colleagues. I put on headphones to preserve their privacy, discover that i-pod shuffle works OK when combined with google. I just need to type in a line of the lyrics

and go
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