April 3rd, 2006


I've been busy

But I'll talk about that later. For now:

A closer, more detailed look at the bowling for barbies. Also: knitted fruit.

The next in an irregular series of favourite livejournal posts ever: There is a huge turkey walking around in the back yard and the cats are FREAKING OUT!

In the news today: zengineer starts working in central Oxford, and the dangerous driver who did in andypop last year has been found, arrested and bailed. No, I don't have any further details -- but I did have an horrendous nightmare as a result of that particular piece of news. I ended up having to promise a spikey orange monster all the topsoil in my back garden to avoid a promised favour or compulsory gift of being taken off the the land of the dead and abandoned there without any clear way back. Many nasty details omitted.

Because I've found myself telling a few people about it this weekend, the internet shrine to the O RLY Owl: I am a brother to dragons, and a companion to owls. O RLY???? (Currently in cold war with the PREVED Bear, according to Google.)

Be still my heart: Baby butch Teddy Girls.
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