April 7th, 2006



July 24 is hardly a red-letter day, mostly distinguished, it seems, by war crimes and travesties of justice. However Macchu Picchu was rediscoved in 1911, Apollo 11 got home safely in 1969, and it's the Feast Day of St Christina the Astonishing!

I share my birthday with Wonder Woman and Amelia Earhert -- notable deaths this day include epidemiologist Richard Doll research pioneer into the links between smoking and health problems, and tragic Japanese short story writer Ryunosuke_Akutagawa, whose work you may have seen filmed as Rashōmon.

Your birthday (no year): three facts, two births, two deaths. Go play!
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this week's strip in fully uneditable form

notes from a meeting - detail

Four hour meetings make this week's strip oh what fun fun fun. It has not plot or reason, and nor do I.

In other news, I am extremely unamused by livejournal's supposed "improvements" to the gallery system. Very few of the actual issues seem to have been solved, and a whole bunch of irrelevant and inexplicable extras seem to have been added. Top of the unpops: compulsory use of  the "rich text system".

I appreciate that the gallery system was developed to fend off all of the people whining that they couldn't post pictures to their journals, but this seems to have lead to a mistaken belief that the only people using it are code-illiterate morons. In fact, to get anything even marginally aesthetic you HAVE to dick with the code (and now, in order to simply do things like make the links work you have to dick with the code -- via a horrible always-on-top source code window, gak gak gak).

I don't like rich text. Please let me out of here.
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