April 12th, 2006


severed from the internests

I was, yesterday -- following a mysterious electrical fault which left lights, kettles and computers all working, but took out the lifts, stairwells, emergency doors, main entrance and network server. Presumably Mission Impossible were in the house. However, mr_snips stepped bravely into the breach left by my absence:
Being Ms Jeremy

Ms Jeremy Dennis is intending to hold a soiree in the Jolly Postboys pub (22 Florence Park Road, near the Cowley Centre B&Q) this Wednesday, April the 12th, from eight o'clock on. All of Ms Dennis' friends, acquaintances and acquaintances of friends are of course welcome. (The addresses at the top of this message are just a list of people I think she knows who live near Cowley.) Unfortunately, Ms Dennis' email is broken. Also, she may recently have discovered a previous engagement...

So I shall (provisionally) be taking her place. For one night only, gather round and listen to the true story of my (her) upbringing as an Antarctic mermaid, herding polar snail fish for fun and profit.

Housemates, relatives and people you're trying to get off with are all of course welcome. Soirees scheduled to continue on subsequent Wednesdays as far as I know, though presumably with the real Jeremy.


PS: J, in the unlikely event of you getting this, I'm leaving it up to you to invite Jo From Eeblee, Assorted Evenings, and / or whoever you were thinking of from Oxfam / Exfam.
Sounds like a good night, although I obviously can't make it, sorry. And anyway, I don't like to talk about the Polar Snail Fish -- it wasn't a happy time in my life.

Speaking of which:

White chocolate and aubergine?

Just wrong.
Could work ...
A taste sensation!
If they were the last things left in the fridge, maybe.
Yes but needs something else (specify below).

What does it need?

P.S. Turns out that dead swan wasn't a native after all.
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