April 21st, 2006


sick as a green parrot

Expecting an email? Sorry, I've been ill, one of those falling-down-and-very-vague sorts of flus. Fortunately it was brief, and I'm all better today, back at work and everything.

And now for a message from the Queen, 80 today and a smug as a bucket of cats with buttered paws: It's on days like this that one is truly delighted to be the REPTILIAN OVERLORD of millions of pathetic subjects, both of England and the Commonwealth. Bwa-ha-ha-ha. Ha. Ha..

Actually, I may still be a little feverish.

P.S. Did anyone else see oxyrhynchite on that Mary Renault documentary? Apparently is he is an auth-or-i-tay! I shall endeavour to respect him more...
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because updates matter - aubergines and white chocolate

Had a bit of thought about this one and present two recipes, one using the classic combination of bitter chocolate and aubergines, the other the more unusual mixture of aubergine and white chocolate.

I shouldn't be left alone in the kitchen

aubergine wagon wheels

Cut your aubergine(s) into thickish slices, and slap each side hard into a flour-and-spices mix (oh, say -- mace, ground black pepper, nutmeg, ground coriander and a little cayenne). Shallow fry in olive oil, or roast on a tray with a little olive oil -- remembering to flip 'em half way through. To accompany, cook up your favourite sauce tomatoes slowly with chopped red chilli and onion to taste, while charring your red pepper(s) over a gas flame. Skin, de-seed and mash your roasted peppers, add to sauce, stir. Thicken with grated bitter chocolate and add any seasoning that smells like it belongs in the pot.

baba galumph

Char your aubergine(s) over a gas ring until blackened on the outside (you can also roast it in the oven, I suppose). Scrape out the soft flesh, mash into a just-warm pan, adding olive oil and lemon juice to hold the colour pale. Add finely chopped green chilli, mint, finely grated white chocolate, cracked white pepper and salt to taste, stirring gently. Adjust as necessary with olive oil and add a little lime juice. Serve with crisp vegetables and unsalted biscuits.

Not really my sort of recipe, either of them, although I think they would work. I'm more of a minimum effort maximum taste type nowadays. Although charring vegetables over gas rings is fun and has that edge of danger that stops you falling asleep in the kitchen.

Bearing in mind that most of my favourite recipe books are in other languages, I've also been having fun with a new game (via bibliogirl, I think) of using google's automatic translator on recipes, with results poetic (in the end you dust dust sugar), alarming (sponge cake of soletilla, cherry, piece of fragmentation hand grenade, mandarin, strawberry or grape) and saucy (and nuts are opened, and nuts are taken calmly and came). Sorry about the prevalence of fondues, I have them on the brain.
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my little ... um *is* that a pony?

my little dear god what are these???

Look what I found, skulking in Boswells. I bet they beat up the My Little Ponies and make them cry. Speaking of which this link to the sculpie corset-mistress of the my little pony modding scene reminded me I've recently had a few conversations on the topic which I should follow up with links. That one's mostly corsets and weird decals -- if you fancy something a bit more whrr, try the Duran Duran mod, or the stealth bomber mod, or some freaky tiki my little ponies ... and yes, there is a Darth Pony, could you doubt it? Oh, and while we're at it -- an oldie, but a goodie -- porn star, or my little pony? (P.S. Edward Scissorhooves) (P.P.S. Dark Phoenix MLP, with 0 bids. So far.) Anyone yelling, dear god, my eyes!!! should bear in mind that I also like to watch documentaries about car crashes. It's a hideous fascination thing.
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