April 27th, 2006

2020 lack of vision

John Betjeman's banana blush wows NME in the 70s

"... but after the Doggerel Bank album, Murphy mentioned that he'd love to make a record with Betjeman.

He was in luck. Doggerel Bank centred around William Bealby-Wright, poet and inventor of the cacofiddle - a kind of DIY, cymbal-augmented double bass, seemingly built by the Clangers. In 1970, at an event hosted by Betjeman, Bealby-Wright had read some poems by the Manxman TE Brown. After this, Bealby-Wright and his wife Susan Baker kept in touch with Betjeman. The couple told the poet about Murphy's album idea ..."

As recommended by Nick Cave!

(Via stellanova)
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