May 19th, 2006


sex slaves of Gor discovered in darlington

In a terraced house, no less. Just thought you should know.

Right, I'll go back to reading about unsolved murders in Leeds now.

P.S. Apparently, that Da Vinci Code (Contains flagellation and other moderate violence). I'm going to be sniggering every time I read that (most of this afternoon then).

[EDIT] She's using her mobile phone again. Still haven't stopped the tweety noises, have we? Alright then:

I don't know which fandom this refers to but that robot cat is mighty cute.

Some of you may care enough about wine to join Corkd, the user-contributed wine database with the unfortunate name. Speaking of which, do you remember when we drank the wine Colin left behind? Well, I say drank, obviously I mean, sniffed dubiously then tipped down the sink.

Sunny D turns stream canary yellow. Don't drink it! It contains cloud!

Piano found on top of Ben Nevis. Minus keyboard, bizarrely.

I may have gone on about my new spambot swain? Meet Dotcommahyphen, who likes to comment on the big issues:

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P.S. I am jealous of Dave Cooper's ink-dipping gizmo. No more arm stretching misery!
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