May 25th, 2006


reasons to be angry, part 1

1. You got pickpocketed.
2. You got pickpocketed while you were hugging a friend goodbye.
3. You weren't 100% sure you hadn't been stupid and dropped it somewhere, necessitating pavement-scouring dash back to cocktail bar through sheeting rain.
4. The thing you lost was your constant-companion digital camera.
5. It was a pretty lame camera two years ago, and even if the battery weren't flat (which it was, when stolen), without charger it would barely go on freecycle, let alone have a resale value, making this possibly the most pointless theft ever.
6. Except for the fact that on the memory stick (inside when stolen) it had 36 shots of the Action Man 40/40 exhibition and one of a heart-shaped rose petal in a soho gutter.
7. The battery had given up one shot before the card filled, meaning that the full card was left in the camera as opposed to swopped out for a nearly-empty one.
8. Chances are, the moment the theif discovered the camera "didn't work", it went straight into a Charing Cross rubbish bin.
9. Did I mention how hard it was raining at the time?


1. Whitechapel's Inner Worlds Outside puts classic madhouse art next to the artists it inspired or drove mad, and included a substantial amount of Madge Gill, recommended to anyone who likes obsessive cross-hatching, dream-maps and anti-perspective.

2. Action Man 40/40 at Blink Gallery in Soho (11 Poland Street) set the challenge to 40 artists/catoonists/doll modders/model makers/graffiti artists to customise a repro 1st edition action man (40 this year!). Contributions range from slapdash to political to eerie to weirdly obsessive; highlights include a Gandhi action man, various (and variously cute) monster doll mods, a guilt-stricken a-man in a hot pink exoskeleton and a flawless Moebius-inspired Glyn Dillon mod. Free, closes this Saturday, open 1-6pm. I'd show you pictures, but -- well -- you know.

3. Silk Stocking, Bramble, Rumble in the Jungle, Arnaud. Mmmm-mmm.

4. action man 40/40 - toy soldier & some more.
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