May 30th, 2006

2020 lack of vision

chairlicker poll for those who are bored by monday morning

Well, actually it's tuesday, and I'm more panicked and a little bit twitchy than bored, but never mind.

Poll #738644 defining chairlicker

A "chairlicker" is:

Someone who can't keep their tongue off the furniture.
Someone with an unnatural interest in minuteing meetings.
Someone with a large collection of IKEA catalogues.
Something far more disgusting than that (details below).
Cats just do that, Jeremy, it's not weird.

The true definition of "chairlicker" is:

The colour I should dye my hair is:

Black! Black as your soul!
Green! Green like that frog you found in the garden!
Red! Red like a ladybird! (spots optional)
Cloudy blue with murky grey bits, like the sky.
Just leave it its natural colour, I'm curious what that is.

Your complicated and impractical idea for dying my hair:

P.S. I sorted out that rough area in the garden. I found a frog, non-fatally! Yay. Look, a patch of bareish earth and a wrought-iron dragonfly.
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got a new sketchpad last week

It's got a transparent cover with clouds, through which the first page of the book is clearly visible (see below).

sketchpad corner

I'm going to use it to record my brilliant ideas. This one isn't coloured in yet, and it needs at least a little bit of red. So it's not ready yet. But I really liked how it showed through the cover.

Meanwhile I'm drawing women in veils and thinking about harems and invisible veils; cities that are sex and faces which blur under over-exposure. Space goose and Dr Mothra. Holiday's over, time to start working.
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