June 1st, 2006


today I have been:

Worrying about Kleenex/Andrex using ancient woodlands in their toilet paper. This may or may not be the case in the UK: I've not hit a reliable confirm or deny. Greenpeace are currently more concerned about deforestation to grow soya for factory-reared chicken and tropical hardwoods in garden furniture, which suggests it's not the most massive issue right now, but it's somehow really offensive.

Delighted by the discovery of blind cave scorpions in an isolated ecosystem deep below an Israeli quarry. They've only had a cursory look, but they've already found eight new species; the cave has access neither to surface water nor to the main aquifers in the area, making it one of those weird ecosystems that are running off bacteria eating rock, possibly. They're not sure yet.

Regendering opinion and magazine pieces. It's a crude tool, as these things often are, but one that gives interesting results; try it on some of the many articles around at the moment about knife crime or computer game addiction.

Wondering if I should read Divided Kingdom. Anyone? INcidentally, I'm sanguine.

Amused by the (tentative) discovery that supposedly parthenogenic Darwinulidae may have been having sex all along, albeit rarely. They just found males, three of them to hundreds of females.

Looking at this objective look at pencils. In homesite terms, it's a stub, more interesting in the idea, but nevertheless...

Wondering where my hat is.