June 6th, 2006

2020 lack of vision

lady macbeth at the drawing board

Some inauspicious start to the day today: while quickly putting some washes over another panel I elbowed my bottle of rose-scented ink off the drawing table. It flipped, spattering and splashing my shelves, the piano stool, the dictionary blank, a huge pile of original artwork (which I had only the other day stowed safely in a closed plastic box) and everything else in range. It looks like I've killed something in there. Something with crimson, rose-scented blood. I gave it a feeble dabbing, but it only seemed to be worsening the forensic spatter -- plus my hands were beginning to look all gules and gore (and my feet) (and several other places). So I've just left it to dry. I'll just have to be finding spots of dried red ink all over everything for the next howeverlong. On the bright side, it doesn't look like I've destroyed anything irreplaceable. On the dull side a) oh I probably have but just haven't found it yet, and b) rose scented ink all gone...

Worst of all, this has provided me with an excuse to go to exquisitely decadent tiny pen-and-ink shop Scriptum, source of the rose-scented ink, whose closing-down sale I had been scrupulously avoiding. Curses!

P.S. Anyone know from where a non-scientist may obtain a pipette? It would have come in very useful this morning. Might have saved as much as a quarter bottle (!) of ink ...

P.P.S. The strip in question was not this week's strip. Nor is this: undated, it's just a strip I didn't quite get around to finishing until this week.
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