June 13th, 2006


the weather breaks! it's raining! yeah!

This morning, I discovered that listening to that new Tiga single while walking into work really does have the effect of making you want to dance like you're in a musical. Seriously, I had to restrain myself from jumping onto cars. Which would not have been popular. Then, crossing the road, I passed a man squinting at the sun and grinning, with a toilet seat tucked under his arm. So it's not all bad.

I've had this thing in my scratch pad for a few days now. It's making me feel dirty. I must purge it! It's The Secret Diary of Russell T Davies, and I have NO IDEA who it's by (it came to me via the medium of cut-and-paste-and-pass-along) although there's something familiar about the style ... if only I could put my finger on it ...

Collapse )

Finally, is "woman-shy lip-rounding poke bonnet" not the most fruity insult you've ever heard? That's from spambot dotcommahyphen's latest opus Collapse )
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