June 29th, 2006

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I'm not very fast, but I am sophisticated

Still extremely low energy. Eating more doesn't seem to be helping. Maybe I should try eating less... time to go researchy on the post-virals, I guess. See if there's any new learning. It's annoying, but at least this time there was a clearly identifiable period of ilness. Last time I got a bad post-viral problem, I didn't even notice the illness. Cue my doctor: "oh yes, that can sometimes happen".

In my experience, the best treatment is stimulating but non-stressful activity (yes, you can stop sniggering at the back there) so (anyone?) suggestions for fun things with a low organisational load gratefully received. Extra points if they include a social element and allow choice between rest and activity.

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P.S. Was unable to shake soon-to-be-boss's hand owing to being overloaded with tea, but not a bad first meeting.

P.P.S. Dreamed about robots made of recycled machinary this morning. They were used to educate children, but about the cultural/emotional position of robots as well as the science of making them. That robots were "complex", "scary", "interesting", "cool" -- and for each suggestion, they brought out a robot that refuted it. One was a huge mass of vibrating metal wire, that rolled around like a weasel ball. One had toes made of gynecological instruments (this was an in-joke for the adults, not communicated to the children). Afterwards we talked to the organisers, who we knew. One of the robots shook my hand by taking it gently in its beak. The inside of its "mouth" was studded with nodules of metal, like hobnails, to increase grip. The sensation was odd, distinctive, intensely memorable.