July 4th, 2006

2020 lack of vision

dial 888-412-POOP

It's a day too hot for rational thought. I had some earlier, but right now, no chance. Especially as I just innocently clicked on a googlead at the bottom of Pets in Uniform (cheers, sdn) and found myself in the terrifying world of http://www.bird-diaper.com/ ... Oh, no, no, no. What am I looking at? Humiliating pictures of parrots in tank tops! Unfortunate colour choices on cocatoos! Parrots in top hats! And a really, REALLY ANGRY OWL ... and ohhh, the duck and goose doo-dad page where there are pictures of geese in collars and skirts, and one of a goose with its owner that just gets more disturbing the more I look at it. Enter at your own risk. Oh look at those ducklings! No don't! Toucans? Quail? Grackles? Brain ... exploding ...

But remember: AvianAttire for smaller birds does not include a hat. Cockatiels everywhere thank you for that.
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