July 5th, 2006


practically content free

I've got a headache. Turns out that person who published "research" claiming that women who suffered migraines had a higher sex drive interviewed a grand total of "68 people who reported suffering from headaches", less than half of which were women. Yay for science. Oh and while we're at it -- that one about oral sex and breast cancer isn't just bad research, it's a known hoax.

Oh god, I just discovered the Prelinger archives. Short "ephemeral" (advertising, educational, industrial, and amateur) films, in a vast online archive. There goes more time I don't have.

... and timscience wanted me to link to the Which cataclysmic, world-wide catastrophe involving tropical fruit are you? test. I score as The Dark side of the Moon -- not (as you might expect) the world dying of boredom under a sludge of prog rock, but: For the first time in 140,000 years the dark side of the moon turns towards the Earth revealing its improbable secret. The moon is really a pineapple. Chaos ensues, as turning of the moon alters tides, interferes with electro-magnetic fields everywhere and tilts the Earth's axis - causing a new ice age, and making an excellent base for a pina colada. Mmmm, cocktails.

I asked google images what I need. It said ducklings trying to get into a fountain. And Eliza Griffiths. Can't really argue with that.

P.S. Also, apparently the Doctor's new companion is going to be Adeola who tempts men into plastic-bag mazes in order to be cyberized. That should be confusing (although she does have a classic British SF look about her, I must say).
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