July 13th, 2006


she'll draw on this, she'll draw on that, if you don't watch out she'll draw on your cat/mat/hat*

Ah, Greens sandwich shop, how airy and pleasant you are:

paper bag - detail

Mr BBC has reported it, of course, but if you go and see rainbow-coloured nerve cells floating in black space and turquoise cancer cells in iridescent culture on the Wellcome Trust website, you get to vote on your favourite images of extremely close-up views of mould, marrows and the blind spot of your eye.

Some guy I don't know visited the San Francisco Wax Museum. Why do I care? Who knows! Warning: contains Keanu Reeves, Chuck Norris and a guy on a big hook.

That "my life as a fat chick" thing raised some comments both online and in real life about who counts as fat. Am I? Are you? The BMI slices society into underweight, normal weight, overweight, and obese. This might have given you a mental picture. Which probably doesn't look much like this one, from an article comparing fitness levels in different BMI categories. And yes, that alarmingly fit-looking "obese" woman won hands down in all categories.

If you sign up to that website, btw, you get weekly fitness tips from Geoff Cape emailed to your inbox! The novelty would probably pall quite quickly, though. Unlike my emails from the lovely mr scruff for whom I turn on my html graphics especially. Look! New drinks to try in this mug!

*delete as applicable.