July 27th, 2006


she swing the poi real twilight fashion

down and around
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.

Ah! Observe ... the lovely bluedevi swingin the poi in the back garden of jinty. There are six more dreamy poi-ghost photos in the set (accessible via click-thru) including one where she really does seem like two of her! It's pretty.

Hm now, any more news? It's too hot to be on holiday. My nephew now says mama, but only when said mama's back is turned (is 14 months too early to develop a wicked sense of humour)? Anat Ben David were major highlight of Truck Festival for me (although other people I saw, most of them I knew I liked before) -- lowlight was realising that the tent really had had it. Rotten.

Problems with cartooning. Too hot to draw without smearing greasy sweat over everything I draw. Which is no problem for scripting, except that I'm up to my bastard neck in scripts and actually need to get on with final drawings of things. Artists, any tips on this problem gratefully received -- god knows what I did in previous years. Went nocturnal, probably.

Stressed. As ever.

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