August 3rd, 2006


it was too hot to blog this when it happened

sticky disgusting mess

But during an otherwise pleasant cartooning-in-garden experience, my crayons melted! All over the die-cut dinosaurs! Yuk! You can get the whole sticky story over on Flickr. Colourful! And sticky!

There are also some more photos of the HEAT! over on photo_topics (new random photography topic fortnightly! pimp pimp!) which may be of special interest to timscience, tinyjo and any other cocktail lovers ... the topic was sunshine.

Also, if you're not occasionally glancing over at bob_basset's livejournal, do so! He's making elaborate jointed leather Cthulhu dolls and getting them drunk in parks. Check out surrounding entries for a view of the armature, demonstrations of posability, and long-term psychological damage to a small child.
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