August 4th, 2006


that timeline thing

If anyone's interested in what I decided was a brief timeline of significant events in my life, you can find it here. I decided to exclude the head injuries.

In praise of BBC Online Clipart! I present blathered203, which shows just what a beautiful experience binge drinking can be, both for participant and onlookers.

Some of you may already have clocked the story about reactive artpiece that changes according to the mood of the observer but if you failed to click-through, I recommend you do so -- elleblue as well as motodraconis and other computer artists may be interested from a professional perspective and everyone else will enjoy the diagram of a gurning researcher, her pleasure index, and the effect it has on a murky, computer-generated dragon. At least, I think it's a dragon ...

Very nearly Caption time! Any of you coming early-like, the pub of congregating this evening will be the Angel and Greyhound. No, I don't have a new comic out -- I shall at random blame complete lack of image inspiration for the cover -- although there will be a limited number of the Goose minicomics on sale.

I'm also suffering from that brain-slamming tiredness that's sometimes a migraine presager. Ah well, time to stock up on pills, I suppose...
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