August 18th, 2006


dream - the abbey tree

Bizarre dreams woke me this morning; my bedroom had somehow inadvertantly become a shrine, and small religious girls kept coming in and waking me up, glaring at me silently, then tramping over my bed to stare fixedly a patch of light on the wall while burning a small candle. Then they'd leave, without saying a thing. I wasn't getting much sleep, so I went out to work on the tree.

The tree was being renovated so that people could visit it again like they used to. It was big and tall and had three different shapes. We were clearing the lower branches so people could get in through the hole in the bole of the trunk. Usually this lead to a small hallway with a leaflet rack containing information about the tree, and the dark entrance to the spiral staircase that went up to a platform at the top. But if you looked in at the exact right angle, you could see a bright, sunny, walled garden through the hole, inside the tree somehow.

All the easy branches had been cleared; I was pulling down ones from far too high up, falling over and having twigs and stuff land on me. It was still far nicer than being glared at by small religious girls, and there was the chance (after I'd done with the branches) of getting into that sunny garden.

Anyway, the dream inspired me to contribute this picture of Treebeard and the Magic Faraway Tree to unlikely_slash.

everything I've been too busy to look at today

Musical theatre link: that Wicked book has been made into a musical featuring a gigantic robot dragon. I've not been to see a musical for years.

Pervy link: oh my gosh, that i-pod accessory's not suitable for flashing round in the pub.

Sound link: la la click whoop burble say the lyrebirds.

Taxidermy link: somewhere buried in this ghastly site design are tasteless taxidermic wondrosities.

Gallimaufry link: I found this while looking for The Magic Faraway Tree.
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