August 21st, 2006


of quail and cameras

Oh my. There's a pair of Chinese Painted Quail on Freecycle. Their chicks are the size of bumblebees! If they breed. But they're quails! They like breeding! No, Jeremy. Repeat after me:

Quails are snacks for cats and foxes
Not cute pets to keep in boxes

I uploaded some photos taken with dodgy chemical film-stuff over on the flickrstream. Nice shots of oxfordhacker, jinty and timscience, among others. Photos are from the disposable I took to Truck as an emergency back-up camera, for if it was too wet for the digital. Funny how I remembered that, but not my hoodie, or a decent pair of shoes, or a waterproof. Priorities, mm? It was so wet the camera steamed up inside (below) but the film wasn't spoiled. Yay disposables. The black-and-whites are from a test film in my latest crappy plastic camera. Verdict: some interesting depth of field tricks, but otherwise not all that.

truck_hazy a littlemore barbecue

dove and gravestones truck_groovy
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