September 8th, 2006


music, sunshine, more music, comics, snakes and a small dog

Saw Tilly and the Wall last night. Ooh, they were power-popping fun. Their rhythym section is a tap-dancer! Super-fine gig with lots of upbeat songs and close girl harmonies. If they're turning up near you, definitely go see. And my, that tap-dancer looked fit. She even did tap solos!

Mmmmyeah, look at that sun. It really is lovely today. Definitely a day to go out for a drink after work. How about the Head of the River? The last of the summer boat gigs is on this evening (on Friday! so instead of the Sunday Steamer, it's called the Friday Frigate). Sow, the Keyboard Choir, Harry Angel and King James are playing. Music on the river later, and summer's last gasp?

Andy R (doctormondo) has finished The 3 little witches strip. It's super-cute! Leave comments for the talented man here.

Geek girls and the men who love them (and vice versa, of course) check out this exquisite Geek Boutique. Molecular earrings! Ethernet cable chokers! Oooh, shiny.

Following on from discussions about just what a big python is physically capable of swallowing, check out this malaysian python that's just swallowed a pregnant sheep. Hard to tell with a sanke, but I think it might be regretting that extra helping.

I like this picture of a spiral extended dachshund. Sort of like a cumberland sausage dog.
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