September 29th, 2006


this week's strip - four for the price of one!

meetings and bus journeys - detail

This week's strip is four unconnected pages from my increasingly-battered looking Muji bogpaper A6 sketchpad. They used to do an A7 one, but I got bored of waiting for it to come back, cracked and bought the A6. Glad I did, as I'm increasingly drawn to the practicality of sketchpad that's big enough to get an almost-story onto a page while being small enough for discreet use during meetings and bus journeys. The panel shown here is a detail from she cloned herself a friendly pterodaustro, which (apart from the four-page strip about godzilla) is my favourite in the book. When I showed it to him, timscience asked me if there was such a dinosaur as a pterodaustro. Ha! Do not doubt my dinosaur knowledge! It's usually potrayed bright pink because its jaws look primed for shrimp.

Speaking of timscience, he's asked me to plug the £4.99 Headbangers and Mash compilation, the first release from his college label, by that year's music + music tech students -- some memorably weird stuff, including rock samba, hip-hop shamisen, and gay rappers rocking out a memorable nu-rock masterpiece. In Polar Bear from monday, in his bag from tuesday (for those likely to be running into him).

Friday scrapstore:

Anyone want to finish off the Perl rap?

If you're having Perl problems, I feel bad for you, son
I got 99 problems but a switch($var) ain't one

sparkymark, damiancugley, I'm looking at you. (via andlosers)

Also, another fabulous filthy comics link.

Can't make these classic computer game knits to display in IE, might do better on another browser.

Japanese anti-smoking ads. I have no idea.
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