October 3rd, 2006


this week's strip -- another guestie

This week's strip is another guest spot, this time from andyluke. It's more about my house than about me, to be honest -- but I've always seen my house much as the caddis fly does*, as an extension of myself.

This was the one that made it through of several discarded ideas, and Andy gave me the outtakes (below). I remember the Jeremy Guinness occasion! (Or is it something that's happened more than once?) The Jim Davidson story seems like it has quite a backstory ... and the stairs one makes me feel somewhat slightly nervous. Does he know something I don't?

outtakes from andy's strip about me
outtakes from andy's strip about me

Apparently the Jim Davidson one had been in his head for a long while ....

*Except for the bit with the mucus and the claws.
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