November 3rd, 2006


primitive properties of a struck flint

Had a horrible nightmare last night about people who wouldn't stop putting up ikea furntiture inside me. Probably got something to do with today's visit to the clinic about which I am, hmmm, nervous.

In other news, though, life is good; spent last night at a gig which seemed to combine the best aspects of the science lab and the music room. Mad Scientists! Making music! With jacob's ladders, LED tops, flashguns, lightbulbs and remote controls! They're on tour, but unless you're able to get to Exeter or Colchester tonight or tomorrow, you'll miss them. Or, very likely, see them at a bunch of festivals next year. Attending with my beloved music tech lecturer definitely added to the fun -- timscience has more details on what was actually going on, plus some links to some of the mad musical contraptions (sparkophone! flints! jar of charge!) in use. I want the flint guitars myself. They were like fireworks of pure noise.

Frost again this morning, and the Morning Glories are a pile of brownish sludge. Still the odd nastertium clinging on, though. I guess anything that did manage to grow this year considers itself to be indestructible.

P.S. Captain Jack really looks like Captain Scarlet, doesn't he? I wonder if they're planning on killing off creepy Owen and replacing him with a blonde Paul Neuman type (oh! Captain Blue!)... Meh, probably not. After all, it would mean investing in a different colour of hair dye ...
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