November 9th, 2006


just not fair

On top of everthing else, I now have flu. No fun nights out for me! Instead I shall be mooching round the house necking Lemsip Max and attempting to force consomme down my hideously swollen throat. Still, at least last night's nasty fever seems to have settled. Just as well; I don't fancy another night haunted by the huge floating cod liver oil fish.

On a completely unrelated note, Japanese women wearing current affairs inspired bras. I especially like the one for post office privatization. (From Pink Tentacle's piece on the bra that transforms into a shopping bag.)

Did anyone else catch Jon Snow's emotional farewell to Donald Rumsfeld on Channel 4 news last night? That little smile of triumph was comedy genius. Speaking of comedy, Rumsfeld write poetry. Ug.
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