November 13th, 2006


emotional instability, first gig

In a bit of a bunny boiling temper this morning, decided to take the "How homocidal are you?" quiz on OKCupid. Unfortunately it was so badly spelt that the only possible answer was "a lot more homocidal than when I started taking this test". No, I'm not linking to it. It only encourages them. Ew, "ox-eyed open breasted" is a really nasty spam subject line. Logging in this morning to my work addresses I find I'm not as joe jobbed as I was last week, but I have got into out of office autoreply tennis with someone in Italy. No, I am not back at work. I'm just checking in. I go back to work next week, probably. If I can get a handle on my temper. And stop my right arm from giving out unexpectedly whenever the shoulder thinks it's had enough.

In other news -- The Aliens, live!*, my most marvellous hot toddy recipe**, and the upcoming first gig (this Thursday, Oxford, the Cellar, around 9pm) of Space Heroes of the People -- which would be the band that (along with Richard Dawkins' thoughts on teapots, Tesco till beepery, steampunk robots in love, and a passionate tribute to Valentina Tereskova, first woman in space) features me shouting about dinosaurs. And helicopters, explosions, robots, spaceships...

* Alien #1 fell over on the amps, twice. They improvised a version of the Eastenders theme tune while one guy in the audience went to the loo. They threw polystyrene heads into the audience! Awesome.
**Includes marigold petals.
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