November 17th, 2006


space heroes gigs photos

Last night went well! Space Heroes played to a small but appreciative crowd, and I did OK on the dinosaurs -- praise received for my mention of the Utahraptor, apparently an "undervalued" dinosaur. The transition from Liopleurodon to Argentinosaurus continues to bother me, though. What's with naming dinosaurs after where they were found, anyway? I mean, Coloradisaurus? How lame is that? As well as us there were dirty spektrum keyboarders Schmoof and massively fun dance stuff 100 Bullets Back, plus a night of neato electro d-j gems. I couldn't drink, my arm was complaining and I had to be home by midnight -- and I still had a great time.

Alert to ginger_princess, timscience, smileandfall -- a first selection of the gig photos are in LJ photo gallery Space Heroes of the People. Let me know if/what you like and which ones I should delete and never show to anyone again. 15 pictures, the first one's below so you can just click through them all from there.

01 - observe arse
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