December 12th, 2006

2020 lack of vision

never too ill to party

Right. Just wrapping my secret santa for the first christmas party of the season. Here it comes, ready or not (I'm not). I've just realised that christmas stocking meme involves your friends list filling your stocking. I've not put anything in anyone's! It would help if there were more info going into the cut tags. You know, rather than "that stupid meme" (which, let's face it, does not narrow things down) "that stupid meme where all my friends get to fill a virtual stocking with imaginary gifts".

Ohh, ATP. Between the mennorrhagia and the pressure issues I was in a pretty dismal state, and it wasn't the festival it was last year (posher, bigger, noisier, crowdier and massively queuier) but it was still awesome. A quick apology to someone who spoke to me between Sonic Youth (brilliant!) and Gang of Four (amazing!), though -- I couldn't see you because the stabby white lights had brought on a migraine. I don't even know who you were! dansette, was it you? Sorry about the complete failure to communicate, anyway. It was good, though. Iggy Pop. Wow.

Medically, though (I've gone straight back into a pile of health professionals) I'm anaemic, but not so seriously that I can't sort out my stomach first. This afternoon; tracking down my ultrasound.