January 3rd, 2007


enter a subject o lowly one

Bah. Can I make a new year's resolution to stop bleeding please? Not the best new year's present, there - although now I suppose I can confidently say that it is not the Depo. Huzzah!

It's that Janus time of year. First we look back at last year's resolutions, and note two, count them two successful lifestyle modifications:

  1. The little blue diary Great success!
  2. Weekly creative dates Fail. I stood myself up repeatedly for nights of booze and boys.
  3. Make a hobby of my house Partial success.
  4. Host some parties Partial success. That one in spring rocked, but there's been nothing since.
  5. Sell a few things Total fail. Freecycled a lampshade.
  6. Get out of town Great success!

I also posted a set of randomly-generated resolutions from my then-favourite Spambot Random8. Simpler times, when spambots were many and occasionally fun. Nowadays, everyone uses spamfilter-beating but structurally uninteresting Sitescraper Gifhack, or doesn't use a Spambot at all, on the ground that flooding will always get some messages through. There's progress. Did I mention I'm still Joe Jobbed? Spam is really beginning to tire me. Anyway, let's see how I did:

Base, anger plain brought. Sorted - not sure how.
Thing up unit say, such, shall. Success - sort of.
Story they notice talk, garden, turn great. Some progress on both these.
Create plan those at. Direct an course spring mean. Success of sorts.
Make tie day hunt. Toward, sure small. Success.
War no, hot against son. Great success!
From write long our develop with. Fail -- illness, again.
Course twenty tall water, finger their, cat. Yes, did that.
Give if, been, clear how warm up. Yep.
List, new save, direct. Kind of three steps forward and two steps back, but yes.
Face thick idea, tree tiny job, yes. I'm getting there, as the lelandii can testify.

I suppose I should make some more. It's so dark, though. And I feel more revolting than resolute. Maybe later.
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