January 9th, 2007


the return of the weekly strip

It's another guestie! And this one's by my mum! Go mum! Go mum!

guest strip by mum - detail

Caution -- it's a long one, you'll have to scroll sideways to escape the wren of terror and encounter the chicken of despair.

Next week's should be by me, assuming I find a minute. Which I will. In the meantime I'm continuing to tidy up the however-many-years body of work The Weekly Strip represents by pulling out abandoned, hidden and censored comics and chucking them or finishing them. Meet some that made it through the grinder:

happy girl detail
I drew Happy Girl for a workshop way back in 2002. The workshop, for young people, was looking at positive emotions. We drew on transparencies, which were then displayed using an overhead projector! This was photocopied and coloured in while describing the tasks. The transparency is long gone, but I found the old sketch, and coloured it in all over again, this time keeping inside the lines.
ende detail
Poor old Ende was drawn using an almost-run-out brush pen, but proved too faint to effectively scan. I couldn't find a suitable material to complete it with until twist-up crayons became available this season. It suited my mood this week, too.
chill detail
Chill was a personal reply to Snow Queen, done a couple of months earlier. I delayed publishing it because it's, hm, personal.
3 in a bed remix detail
The 3 in a bed remix was one of several ideas I had for a piece for Caption Remix's auction last year. Abandoned when I realised no-one would remember the comics any more! There's been at least one more comic since called 3 in a Bed, too. At least mine was about sex grumble mutter ...

More will surely follow. They should turn up in theweeklystrip, but yesterday's publications managed to flummox the feed somehow (sorry about that) so I'll try to remember to flag them up here, too.
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