January 26th, 2007


friday distraction - DIY anaglyph

the toys - 3D
Originally uploaded by Syrtis.

Look at what Terry (syrtis) has made out of one of the photos from my new lomography pop-9 camera (I'm going to be carefuller with this one, honest). That's my monitor top, by the way: the toys help me to work, especially the chimney sweep, who reminds me that all work is a futile struggle against entropy and cruft.

You can make your own using any camera that will take multiple shots (or move your camera slightly, horizontally between shots -- a mini-tripod helps with this). Then get your photo/s into Adobe photoshop and follow Terry's instructions:

1) pick two horizontally separated frames
2) desaturate them
3) multiply one with pure red, the other with blue-green (#0088FF) - you may have to experiment to see which one should go on which side
4) Merge the two using "lighten" and save :)

5. Wail in despair as you realise that you don't keep your 3D glasses in the office.

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