February 1st, 2007


this one actually *is* this week's strip

... and it's dirty.  In a "clean me" sort of way, though -- so SFW. More from the cloud book, which (as timscience correctly says) encourages a "certain kind" of comic. Mostly because it's not really a sketch pad, much as I wish it was. How do they decide which pads get lines and which don't? Does anyone want pads with lines in? Dirty, dirty, dirty.


A day's worth of groaning, sleeping and coughing my lungs out seems to have at least beaten the cold into abeyance. I've also realised that I need a pencil case. Anyone seen any good ones around the place? I tried Paperchase, but they're all too trendy and the wrong shape. I found my folder, and with it the last lingering fear that it might somehow have been lost/stolen has faded. This means I can get back to a bunch of projects that got deranged way-back-when, which is a very pleasant thought.

Also, I walked past a couple of grannies sharing a crafty fag on the street corner. They even had tartan shopping trollies! Shocking.

From Eddie Campbell's blog (eddie_campbell ) today: "In the old days i'd have made a one-page 'Alec' out of this , but today we squander our narratives in a blog." He knows how it works. I've just bought (and read) The Fate of the Artist which I'd been awaiting with equal parts anticipation (for Mr E.C. is naturally one of my comics heroes) and trepidation (lest he had been broken by working with Alan Moore on From Hell). I'm a bit here-and-there about it, to be honest, and will confine myself to making a non-committal noise. Hrggrawlf.
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