February 5th, 2007


how I learned to stop worrying and love my lelandii (to bits)

Everyone I've spoken to so far today slept badly last night, and/or had weird dreams. Spooky. Except for the occupational health guy who had other things on his mind, mostly anxiety about his daughter who works in a London theatre and is therefore always going home on her own at 11pm at night. In a typical reversal of the Dr/patient relationship, I was upbeat and reassuring. But other than that, everyone, and their children, and Jason-who-I've-not-seen for months, and R in admin, too. timscience had one about being plagued by crap psychic phenomena (including being haunted by pigs that cough and drink your beer) while I spent the night frantically catching up with people (about all of whom I'm now thinking, shit! I should really catch up with them!) and waking up, occasionally with a face full of purring cat. Which, as I've told Teazel before, is bad contact, but given that his head is entirely full of fluff it'll take a few more tellings yet I think...

That sky outside looks ominous, like snow. Yesterday was lovely. I thought I'd got sunburn initially, but it's chemical -- lelandii slap and sap. I'm mildly allergic (or it's mildly poisonous) and yesterday's adventures on a step ladder clearly involved too much close contact as my hands and arms are gloved with weals, nips and scratches. On the other hand, I now have a (fairly) neatly topped lelandia, so a winner is me! While I'm aware that I really ought to be eradicating them like the poisonous weed s they are, recent weather has brought home their value as a windbreak, and while I could get the same thing from planting something native, it'd mean (at least) a five year wait. Or using alder or willow which is generally considered impolite in the suburbs because of their habit of searching out and penetrating your neighbours' drains. Given that I back onto some seven households, not a good idea. That said, if they turn out to be no good to hang my hammock from, they're gone.

Band practice last night went well -- "Barbie is a Robot" (the new song) sounds great with the bass, and I got my allosaurs in the right order (mostly). As well as obviating the need to lug a bass amp around the place, ginger_princess's new bass pod is a real object of beauty -- softly glowing displays, Cronenbergish curves and lots of buttons.
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