March 9th, 2007


embroidered spacemen!

Slideshow for friday: check out Manish Arora at London Fashion week. Bladerunner wigs, skullcaps covered with sequinned circuitry, and embroidered space scenes. Shiny!

Anyone tempted to surf the links along the side, be warned: you'll have to look through a lot of pictures of depressed models draped in grey woolen curtains liberally larded with the words "exquisite" and "classic" to dig out the gems...

That said, it looks like retro futurism is definitely "in" -- in this collection, Jean-Pierre Braganza's star trek/knitting inspired collection drives a fashion journalist to use the word "stonking". Try picture 21.

Actually, I'm being a buit unfair. There's something for everyone, really, whether you like foppish lady/boys, retro prints, neon flappers or handmade gothic lolitas.

More inclined to make you laugh is MAN. Oh noes! Topman's knits and anoraks have GONE INSANE!

P.S. Feline reactions to bearded men (via fridgemagnet, I think)

P.P.S. Yes alright I macroed the fashion thing.

fashion boy macro
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