March 12th, 2007

2020 lack of vision

it's getting late, late, late

Beware going into clothes shops with me at the moment. A visit to Cult Clothing at the weekend (locals may wish to know that it has a £10-25 sale on while it runs down stock prior to moving to a bigger shop) netted timscience a spring jacket. A bit expensive, but very good looking. Today, damiancugley was feeling sort of frumpish in his five-year-old denim jacket, so we wandered into a couple of shops. And there was this really futuristic looking jacket ("buffalo biker jacket", apparently!) in the Levi's shop...

I blame the blonde hair. It's contagious.

Woke up in a miserable mood this morning. Suspect continuing inability to draw, vast and terrible nature of job-list, feeling of being hemmed in, and soemthing I can't quite put my finger on is to blame.

There was a dream, too. I had to work in the shed and people kept on talking to me. The shed wasn't really suitable for working in and I did want to talk to them but I had to get the shed sorted out before I could start working and I just couldn't concentrate on that and the talking, and so on.

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