March 20th, 2007


is it time to dye my hair red?

Had a dream this morning that I was driving a bus down one of those a-roads which sometimes have three lanes and sometimes two. Debra was driving the bus behind me so I had to be extra careful. Then this guy pulled out of a junction ahead of me, drove up the wrong side of the road and then pulled a fast turn to join a centre lane traffic queue almost literally right under my wheels! Arseholes! It continued in this vein for a bit, and when I got into unexpectedly encountering a man riding his wheelchair down the middle of the road on an otherwise undemanding left turn I gave a great grumbling sigh and woke up. Six-thirty in the morning. Stupid brain! I am able to sleep in this morning!

Bzzzzoink. Breakfast was groggy enough I absentmindedly put two spoons each of sugar and coffee. Clang! So I scraped most of the extra coffee out, put extra milk in and said nothing. Extra caffeine is all for the good, right?

The icy blasts seemed to have lessened so I went out and removed the bubble-wrap protector from my baby magnolia tree (my mother insisted I do something for it). I'm awake now! Bloody freezing out there! I decided to leave the grass overgrowing the fuschia, it can do a little insulation work. The silver grass has gone a shade of blighted brown, I think it may be a frost casualty.

In other news I have a pink phone, just like the one in eXistenZ. Hopefully it'll do less of the failing at random thing than my current one. And a black hoodie with little silver skulls but it's not my fault! I had to go into New Look, it was cold!

More news from magical canadaland! Oooh, that Dan Mitchell takes a mean baby photograph! Julia (mother) and Oliver (baby) are both doing well, congratulations are due, etc.

I've ordered party barbecues for the weekend! I laugh in the face of seasonal temperature variations!

P.S. Mardou, Ellen, I have my whores now! They were only delayed. Is it OK if I draw myself with a snake?
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