March 22nd, 2007

2020 lack of vision

not looking good for the barbecue

Please Let me Back In
Originally uploaded by Damian Cugley.

Great. The first night I think, ooh, it's mild enough, I'll leave the top off the magnolia, and LOOK WHAT HAPPENS! Well (grumble, gargle) at least I'm providing my housemate with good blogging material. The rest of the snow photos, including improvised magnolia hat and bird table.

In other news, I've been lost in housework, down the pub, and rearranging the furniture, alongside wasting time on the interwebs and comicking. And the TV for dinosaurs and cartoons. Some cable channel is currently asking people to vote on when the best historic site Britain is, with a phone-this-numberercial featuring Alan Titchmarsh wandering around a bunch of fricking stately homes! Every time it comes on I have to shout, WE ALREADY KNOW! IT'S STONEHENGE! On that topic, I was amused to find this list of American roadside stonehenge tributes: Visiting Stonefridge after dark is not recommended. Vandals have reportedly set off bombs inside the refrigerators.

Reminder to self: it's Ank-eye-lo-saur, not Ank-ill-o-saur. I'm never going to be able to remember that.