March 29th, 2007


in ur fridge freecycling yr soymilk

I have this great knife for stabbing weeds now. Stabby stab. It's called a patio weeder and I can't recommend it highly enough. Especially after a difficult day. I'm prepping the garden path for cushion-forming rockery flowers. With MAXIUMUM VIOLENCE!

On the way home tonight I got a double decker bus home and it was actually light! So I tried taking photos of people from the top deck. Missed the kissing couple at the busstop thanks to a rather too enthusiastic bit of pulling away by the bus-driver; gave up in disgust after seeing the guy pissing against (what I sincerely hope was) his garden gate.

Anyone wondering where I've been may wish to consider that I've been spending this week getting up at effective 5.30am and while yes, it is lovely to have light in the evenings, that's a particularly painful hour to have to roll back.

Yesterday I opened a kinder egg and it turned out to have stickers inside it. Damnit, I signed up for a toy and a surprise! Not just a surprise -- and an unpleasant one at that (they're really ugly frog stickers). I thought the jigsaws were pushing it ... even worse, tonight's second chance is a cheaper version of an earlier toy car with a broken wheelbase*! Was there some Great Kinder Collapse occurring while I was in my non-toy-proliferation phase?

I just booked my trip to Scotland. I should really get a car, because when I'm using "public" transport ecommerce sites I scare everyone else in the house.

Addendum: I just upgraded to a better phone, but failed to spot that many (but not all) of my numbers were discarded in a seemingly wild and random fashion (presumably not saved to the SIM). You might want to send me your phone number -- to my email -- I'm sure that putting here won't get me any more spam than I already have ...

*Now sort of sorted thanks to timscience's superior model-making skills.
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