March 30th, 2007


“it’s complicated” isn’t much of a rallying cry

... but it's one of my most favourite. A little while ago jinxremoving approached me to illustrate some articles for The Skinny that were broadly about bisexual issues. She sent me the roughs of a couple of the articles and I drew some pictures ...

The titles are the titles of the pictures -- not of the articles!

Ex with a feller!

Straight for British men...

Challenge or be silent?

I wanted to make the pictures positive, but the less positive one's probably what works best in context ... the articles are interesting pieces, too -- I was particularly taken by Sarah G's report of discovering herself "identifying as domestically lesbian but internationally bisexual" ... and rather amused to find myself thinking, in return -- "what, is there something wrong with British women?" Eh-heheheheh.
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    I made this!

because some things must be blogged right away

The timing was coincidental! protests gallery owner who chose to display a life size milk chocolate crucified jesus during Easter week. Did I mention he was naked? He's naked.

For sex-crazed Linux programmers everywhere comes I rub my penguin, the antarctic chum that's battery-powered fun to be with. Personally I think this is perfect for the friday afternoon office environment, but your office may disagree.

A bird made from nails and shells.
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