April 7th, 2007


virtual car boot sale, gym offer and the joys of the ray petting zoo

!!!! I'm sure this won't come as a surprise to anyone who's been there, but OMG the London Aqarium has a petting zoo! You can stroke rays, and they love it so much they come and beg for strokes! Why on earth would they like to be stroked by humans? Aren't they super-primitive cartilaginous fish-freaks from the dawn of time? (Incidentally, they feel strong, slightly warm and rough -- rather pleasant, in fact.)

We went there as wind-down after spending the night at the Scala for the Modular Easter Party, to which we had gone chiefly because it was a chance to see Australian disco-punks The Presets play in the UK. I like The Presets, they sound like Depeche Mode, The Klaxons and the Pet Shop Boys doing something disgusting together. In a very well-lit alley, covered by full-colour CCTV.

We caught Metronomy but didn't stay all night, instead taking night buses back to crash at my lovely sister's. What in heaven has happened to night buses? I remember them as ciculating processions of the desperate and damned, full of violence and filth! Instead they are clean, polite and the only mild annoyance stems from how slow buses are compared to trains.

Added joy: I lost my sketchpad at the Scala, but the following day, picked it up safe and sound! I hearby delare the staff at the Scala to be altogether lovely.

A few more announcements: I have a spare free 3-day gym pass to an Oxford city-centre gym. My induction is at 2pm on tuesday, and if anyone is a) local and b) able to take a late lunch hour, feel free to come along and be my gym buddy. Yes I have killed Jeremy Dennis, hollowed her out and am living in her skin. Join us!

Virtual Car Boot Sale The time to reap has come again! Here are some lovely things I no longer want to have but you may:
  • Small crucifix-shaped post earrings for pierced ears with a blinging stone in the middle of the cross. Show you care for baby jesus and your own good looks!
  • Moominpapa capsule toy, with own tail and glasses. I feel compelled to share the information that he doesn't stand up too well.
  • Selection of assorted Barbie hair accessories. I got them out of an advent calendar! They're brightly cloured, poorly made and plastic!
  • Small copper coloured post earrings for pierces ears roughly in the shape of a rose. Look like you might be able to claim you made them yourself in double chemistry.
  • Flashing stick-on phone charm from orange. Promotional item given out at a new rave gig. Laugh now, but anyone going to a festival sponsored by a phone company this year is likely to end up being given one of these.
  • The Castle of Adventure Game Book "by" Enid Blyton, used but a good reading copy. Help the Adventure Squad make the right choices!
  • Rubber bangles that have travelled in time from the 80s via Claires accessories. Black with electric guitar charm, pink with star charm.
  • What's eating Gilbert Grape on Guardian vanilla free DVD. I really don't care, but you (ahem Johnny Depp) might.
  • Miko Cat raspberry crush pink lip gloss and Body Shop Cassis Rose eau de toilette -- unwanted items (too pink) from gift sets.
  • Pirate coin and card purse with a silver glitter skull and cross-bones with heart-shaped eye-holes. Alas, proved to have nothing like enough space for all my crap, so would only suit quite light purse needs.
  • Pampered girls cosmetic bag with mirror-on-a-ribbon. Very pretty black and white hearts and swirls design. There's a couple of other cosmetic bags, too -- one shiny metallic blue, and one fragile beaded black and silver but these are much smaller and less luxurious items.
As ever these are free for the asking, but if you feel guilty about postage you can chuck a coin in the Paypal begging bowl below:

Right, I go now to descend into the maelstrom: bank holiday weekend garden centre!
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