April 20th, 2007

2020 lack of vision

I'm back from Scotland

neolithnicz: in ur tombz feeling ur beakerz
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.

There wasn't even mobile coverage up where I was staying, so I couldn't even twitter seeing swallows swallows twittering over Kilmartin.

I did, however, get the smallest glimpse of just how much work (comics) I'd be able to get done by getting hold of a remote cottage for a bit. I can see why writers like to use them to get books finished.

I also fulfilled filial duties for a bit. Mum gave me some more sunflower seeds. Clive gave me lots of advice about my house, which threw me into a state of horrendous panic. Part reason for the panic emerged the following day when I essayed the 12-hour journey (damn, maybe I should have flown?) with women's problems. Bleurgh.

Nothing much seems to have died while I was away, but it looks like my neighbour possibly got police-raided again -- at any rate, someone had hopped my fence and trampled some flowers. Arse.