April 23rd, 2007


I am an inking maniac

Days up in Scotland were not ideal for me but I wish I had those hours to ink in, oh I do. Got to that stage on the Whores Project where I simply don't want to do anything else. Helps of course that anything else is mostly planning meetings, stalling people, rearranging a mortgage and fretting about my roof ...

...anyway, I also did a comic strip this week, one night when I was too tired to draw so tried to go straight to bed. No dice. So I wrote this instead. Caution: I was tired and emotional. Literally, as I was staying at my mother's, and she doesn't drink -- although she does keep cans of Tescos value lager for drowning slugs.

In other news, now that I've explained the term macros to the fifth person in one week, I thought that for the good of the internet I should link to the Wikipedia article I was drawing my knowledge from. Naturally, it's entirely changed since then. Ah, in this pixelstained technopeasant cuteocracy that is the internet, sorry, interwebs, facts are transitory; although I like the idea that on the whole, the O RLY owl is to blame.

For this and so many other things.

P.S. I think they made some mistakes in this quiz:

77% Geek

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