April 26th, 2007


shiny shoes of disco

Well, birthday o'clock seemed to be a success, considering that it happened at (ouchies) 6.30am. The silver shoes I got timscience seemed to go down well -- I came back from scavenging for coffee and fruity toast to find him singing the shiny shoes of disco song. Tune-wise, it seemed to be a mash-up of "sing me spanish techno" and "shiny boots of leather" with the lyrics, "shiny shiny shiny shiny shiny shiny shiny shiny shoes of disco". It's a masterpiece!

Ah yes -- this week's strip. It's another guestie, this time by the lovely badasstronaut. I can't quite remember when I did first meet her, so she's probably right, although I'm fairly sure I don't know any riverside pubs run by mexican wrestlers. If I did I'd be down there all the time...

detail - when I met jeremy dennis

P.S. We got our punt passes* from QI and got to geek overthe cashier's brand new macbook at lunch. So! Shiny!

* A gig ticket. Speaking of which, I'm on stage tomorrow at the Wheatsheaf (Oxford), shouting about dinosaurs and barbies for Space Heroes of the People (theirspace). Just so you know.
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the sculptress and the bees

For my own reference, the wow-shots from Aganetha the bee-artist:

Wedding dress improved by bees

Barbies bundled by bees

Speaking of which, did anyone see Buddha, Bees and the Giant Hornet Queen (a recent Natural World)? You might be able to see some clips here, double click on the Japanese Giant Hornet thumbnails for merciless bee slaughter, cunning defence strategies and more -- all narrated by someone who sounds distractingly like Galadriel. While not as fundamentally disturbing as The Short Horrible life of the Fig Wasp its Apolcalypse Now meets Helm's Deep vision of the hornet world still had my somewhat wasp-phobic self squirming in the chair.
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