May 1st, 2007


I'm mad, me

... but I have excellent teeth! My dentist told me to go away and not come back again. And then seemed compelled to engage me in chit-chat. He also described my jaw movement as very smooth, to which I can only say yay physio. My jaw is now better than it was before -- what did he say? The headpress incident! Brilliant.

Why am I mad? Because I'm considering heading down to the Reading Beer and Cider Festival after work on Thursday. It's the quiet, serious day, with many beers but no music, dancing or children, costs £4 to get in (plus glass cover I presume) and is right next to the station. Cheap day return is £9.40, and it's what, 25 minutes up the line? It also goes on over the weekend (I think the uitlander is there on Sat) but my weekend is already rather full of psapp and rehearsals, and about to be complicated further by the arrival of a somewhat delayed greenhouse.

More notes:

One of my artistic aims for this year is setting things in resin. I'm thinking something along the lines of this rather lovely bird pendant. Does anyone know how messy and stinky this is likely to be or have any other advice?

One for timscience! DIY music box allows you to punch out your own tune. Which leaves only one question. Valentina or Barbie?

Right. Nose. Grindstone.

P.S. Down the Zodiac tonight for the Wombats, the Evenings, etc.
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