May 8th, 2007


and in local news : stolen fish

Punt tomorrow. School night gig marathon from heck. I blogged it a couple of years ago as a gin'n'tonic crawl. Things have changed a lot since then -- the venues are a different (and, I think, nicer) set and at least one of the venues has been renamed. Twice, I think. Not to mention that this year I'm actually on stage, shouting for Space Heroes of the People (11pm, at the Cellar). Eeek.

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In other news, something has been digging up my garden. Cats? Hedgehogs? Crows? I'm planting hardy things (marigolds, night-scented stock) in the disturbed areas, but damiancugley favours a more technological approach and wants to cam up the garden. Oh, and I have a greenhouse, in bits, in the garden. Just like flatpack furniture, right? (god help me...)

Pictures and educational notes about spotting when a panda is on heat accompany this account of how the introduction of a hot young male sparked off a panda mating frenzy. Also: inflatable whales!

A couple of links from douglasnoble, deserving of further investigation: Look inside the suitcases of Peter Greenaway's fictional archivist Tulse Luper; and explore the work of Jason Nelson, whose game, game, game and again game I just failed to finish (hard to avoid the nagging suspicion that success is impossible, having built similar things myself in the dim distants).

Last: making strawberry daquiris by injecting white rum into strawberry with a syringe is a) possible and b) delicious. Photographs of shooting up the strawberries will follow.

...and in local news someone steals a massive quantity of fish. The mind boggles just at the logistics!
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