May 9th, 2007


injected rum "strawberry daquiris"

injected strawberry daquiri
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.

Ian truecatechresis brought syringes to the BBQ on Monday so we could try out Tom's idea about injecting fruit with spirits to make small solid cocktails. Pleased to report complete success. Creamy, dreamy, comedic and delicious. There are some other photos; if you click through and hit, uh, "next" I think (-- no, make that "more" -- yay Flickr) you can see Ian shooting up the strawberry, the cream syringe (yes, rather disgusting) and a cherry tomato being filled with vodka + worcester to make an injected bloody mary. Not a patch on the daquiri IMO, although next time we could probably do with a slightly less solid cream.

In other news, Darth Vader's had a hard day.


I modded the pig slinger

home made squid projectiles
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.

That blue weaponish thing, there, that's a Pig catapult, which someone bought me oh quite a few years ago now.

Last night I made some tiny pipecleaner squidlets, and it's now a squid flinger. Of course, it's always had the potential to project other things from its capacious barrel (or bucket, more correctly) -- in fact you may have seen during the annual ordeal that is office secret santa its sister toys the Boss Toss, Nun Chuck or Cat-a-pult, all of which make a lot more sense than a pig catapult. But hey.

Anyway, I had a great reason for making a squid slinger which has, on consideration, turned out to be a very silly idea indeed. But that's what comes of having arguments about whether a Crocodilian could take a Pteranosaur in a fight while excitably full of daquiris made by the method described in the previous post. Stupid ideas. Still, I got a squid flinger out of it, so I'm happy.

Oh, I also made a small green pipecleaner dinosaur. Hey, T-rex....

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