May 10th, 2007


5. Wanted: Fury Material

Some gig last night. In the end I decided my incredibly stupid squid flinger idea was actually a good idea and fired little pipecleaner squids into the audience during the final chorus of Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs! I didn't put any indie-kid eyes out or run out of squids so hooray all round really. We were videoed, photographed and in my somewhat hi-vis state (dyed green, UV reactive items, trailing dinosaurs) I was repeatedly buttonholed after the gig while people ranted on about how good x aspect of the gig was. Go Space Heroes!

We ran around between gigs all night, so also saw and enjoyed bouncy Foxes!, banging The Gullivers and softly strange Ape has killed ape!, among others. But my highlight of the night was Hanna and James doing the dinosaur dance in the front row during Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs! I'm sure it helped me get the words right.

Todays title comes to you courtesy of Freecycle and its hilarious spelling mistakes.

P.S. No, nice lady in the Wheatsheaf, I did not dye my hair to match my punt pass.
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